We must first understand hair loss before we can stop hair loss. There are millions of men and women who are experiencing hair loss but they have the slightest idea of what caused it. Most people write it off as being hereditary, so they ignore the issue without even a second thought about how to stop it. Most men feel as if their father experienced hair loss that he might as well chuck it up because he will experience hair loss as well. The thing is most men for generation after generation never think about hair loss, hair care, or keeping their scalps healthy until they start experiencing hair thinning or hair loss and by then it’s too late! A lot of men never think about what they shampoo their hair with and they will shampoo with anything or whatever is handy and this is not good for their scalps or hair follicles. We have heard men say that they shampoo with bath soap, dishwashing liquid, body wash, or whatever they can get their hands on at the time. This causes years and years of build up which can clog the hair follicles making it harder and harder for the hair to come through.     

It is a proven fact that (DHT) dihydrotestosterone which is a biologically active metabolite of testosterone, is formed primarily in the prostate gland, hair follicles, and adrenal gland. It has been proven by scientific research as the primary contributing factor in male-pattern baldness. NouriTress Perfect Hair Vitamins Plus contains the ingredient saw palmetto which blocks the enzyme (5-alpha-reductase) from converting the hormone testosterone into DHT. In the scalp area, the reduction of DHT will help hair follicles to re-open and engage in new hair growth. Men if you want stop balding in its tracks we recommend taking NouriTress Perfect Hair Vitamins Plus and shampooing with our Stimulating scalp shampoo and use our follicle therapy. Image

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Hair Thinning And What Helps

Experiencing hair thinning in the crown area?
Prescription: Products with Tea Tree Oils is the perfect solution! Try NouriTress Perfect Hair Follicle Therapy with Tea Tree Oil & our Perfect Hair Vitamins PLUS to help re-grow this area! ORDER TODAY @ www.nouritress.com.
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Healthy Hair Pledge

Healthy Hair Pledge

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